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"the streets of glory" /"tick tock" basil gabbidon 両面スカボーカル 状態まあまあ 7500円
"teach me ska" /"congo war" lord brynner island(uk) pre. 状態まあまあ 5000円
"el casino royal" /"dee's special" lyn taitt and the jets 状態ぼちぼち 3800円
"dollar train" clancy eccles /"ver." king stitt clancy's pre.
"hot sauce" /"you said it" dave baker & familyman jckpot pre. 状態ぼちぼち 5800円
"black skin" /"ver." sonny washington black skin the prophet 状態まあまあきれい 裏面 音まあまあ 2800円
"love me baby" /"call me name" susan cadogan magnet(uk)
"cracking rose" barry heptone /"play it sa"(="ver.") ansil collins spider man おもて面 状態そこそこ 傷でパチパチ 裏面 状態まあまあ 1700円
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明日はブログの更新はありません 営業は通常通り

"watch it blackhead"(="blackhead china man") /"hello my dear" prince buster blue beat(uk)
"best twist" /"grandma-grandpa" owen gray blue beat(uk)
"hello love" /'daddy" kent & jeanie blue beat(uk)
"remember that sunday" alton ellis /"last lick" tommy mcCook duke(uk)
"wreck a buddy" the soul sisters /"push it in" the versatiles amalgamated(uk) 状態ぼちぼち 4200円
"village ram" /"bull pistle gang" mighty sparrow jump up(uk) 状態まあまあきれい 2000円

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"all my tears" /"duke of earl" alton ellis //"you miss me" gloria crawford /"our man flint" tommy mcCook 新品2タイトル 各1590円

"young budd" /"time to pray" mr. foundation ナイス アップテンポ 珍しいコクソン音源 状態まあまあ 11000円
"say you love me" /"ver." the techniques 状態まあまあ 2400円
"in my heart there's a place" /"he's my honey boy" ginger williams paradise(uk)
"i can't resist your tenderness" /"little boy" ginger williams paradise(uk)
"touch a hand" /"ver." the soul sisters 状態まあまあ 1500円
"too much imitator" /"ver." jacob miller
"deck the hall" /"ver." jacob miller hitbound
"starvation" /"slave" boston & the soulites 状態そこそこ 細かい傷無数 全体的に細かいパチパチ 2300円

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本日 2時頃から夕方まで留守にします

"lonely days" /"no good woman" owen gray 状態まあまあ 2800円
"another moses" mellow cats /"hully gully rock" roland alphonso blue beat(uk)
"herena darling" /"my darling heart" the flames blue beat(uk) 状態ぼちぼち 1300円
"lonely boy" /"iwm going back home" the charmers blue beat(uk)
"surround yourself with sorrow" /"do right woman" the gaylettes
"scandal" /"sound of the wise" hugh roy punch(uk) 状態まあまあ 8000円
"long shot kick de bucket" the pioneers /"you treating me bad" johnny melody beverley's
"it's all in the game" /"ver." the gaylads beverley's おもて面 状態まあまあ 裏面 状態そこそこ 1500円
"equal rights" /"ver." the clintones 状態まあまあ 2000円
"the bounce" /"part 2" dennis alcapone ethnic fight(uk) "whole town talking"リズム おもて面 状態まあまあきれい 裏面 状態まあまあ 1400円

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