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"the end of the world" /"ver." gregory isaacs 状態まあまあ 3400円 

"forgive her" /"ver." ronnie davis 状態まあまあきれい 軽い傷 5000円

"please don't go" /"ver." johnny clarke

"roots man" /"ver." bobby harrison 状態ぼちぼち 3400円 

"you've made me very happy" /"ver." barrington levy

"love me always" /"ver." leroy sibbles & the heptones total sounds レゲエカット

"where is the love" horace andy /"wet version" u roy blank 裏面"wet dream"のDJカット

"let me tell you boy" ebony sisters /"swing dor joy" count ossie moodisc

"bongo man raise" the maytones /"remember" roy and bim 状態ぼちぼち 傷でプツプツ 2400円 

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"i'm the one" /"yellow river" bruce ruffin 状態そこそこ 3800円 

"there's a fire" /"last time" the gaylads beverley's pre.

"come on baby" /"ver." larry marshall 状態まあまあきれい 軽いノイズ 5500円 

"captivity" /"ver." larry marshall see me yah(us)

"man of the living" /"ver." wayne wade 薄いヒスノイズ 細かい傷で細かいプツノイズ 6500円 

"influence in me" /"ver." vivian jackson

"water house rock" /"ver." wailing souls 状態まあまあきれい 2600円 

"mr. benwood dick" i roy /"mad-mad-horn" lenox brown "wherever i lay my head"のDJとホーンインスト 


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“burial of longshot (pt.1)" prince of darkness /"burial of longshot (pt.2)" george lee down town(uk)

"someday we'll be together" the marvels /"lash la rue" the bunny lee allstars blank おもて面状態そこそこ 裏面状態まあまあ 2600円

"i'm moving on" /"ver." cynthia richards big shot(uk) 状態まあまあ 2000円

"melting pot" the heaters /"kinky mood" the upsetters upsetter pre. 状態まあまあ 4500円

"feel all right" /"equal rights" the cables 状態まあまあ 3000円 

"south of the border" /"ver." prince buster

"wreck a pum pum" /"ob la di ob la da" prince buster

"lover's mood" /"lover's rock" augustus pablo "problems"インスト 状態まあまあ 2200円 

"king of the minstrel" /"ver." the revolutionaries "queen of the minstrels"インスト 状態まあまあ 少し傷 少しノイズ 1600円 


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"miss lulu" /"i want a girl" derrick morgan p.buster pre.

"wonderful world" /"bring it home" the kilowatts サム・クックのカバー 状態まあまあ 4500円

"i wanna be loved" /"ver." ken parker 珍しい おもて面状態まあまあ 裏面音そこそこ レーベル状態良くない 4500円 

"unknown melody" /"ver." winston mcanuff 浅く長い傷 音は大丈夫 3800円 

"take these chains and shackles off our feet" /"ver." gideon jahrubbaal 状態まあまあ 2400円 

"heart made of stone" /"ver." viceroys 状態わりときれい 4000円 

"joy within your heart" /"ver." wailing souls hit bound

"pretty looks" /"ver." jayes disco mix


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"64 special" lester sterling /"home sweet home" eric morris black swan(uk)

"you're a cheat" /"fools day" lloyd clarke

"oh jean" /"river of tears" brentford ricketts dice(uk)

"my man my man" /"ver." jenniefer laura

"nanny goat" /"smell your crep" larry and alvin studio1(uk)

"psychedelic train" /"ver." derrick harriott

"jah will provide" /"ver." errol holt ski high

"captivity" /"ver." larry marshall 状態まあまあ 2200円


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