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"my satisfaction" the paragons /"blue moon" brentford all stars 状態わりときれい 4500円

"i wasn't born to be lonely" merlene webber /"cobra rock" the revolutionaries 状態わりときれい 3200円

"because i am black" /"all in this together" delroy wilson 状態わりときれい 3800円

"fools rush in" /"danger in your eyes" mighty diamonds gussies

"in his own way" /"ver." dennis brown & big youth gussies'76 33回転 状態まあまあ 少しノイズ 3800円

"children of jah" /"desperate time" the chantells phase1

"terrorists in the city" eek a mouse /"majorie" toyan greensleeves(uk)

"give me what me want" frankie jones and nazareenes /"fatman at the controls" fatman in the lead 状態わりときれい 3500円

"free up your self" ras star /"forward ever" jacob miller 状態まあまあ 7500円

"talk to me" /"african woman" third world

"lady love" neville grant /"pretty looks" clarence aird D.E.B.

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昨日の夕方に書いたのに 綺麗さっぱり消えてる あーあ
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"dancing groove" jackie mittoo /"change your ways" the cables coxsone pre.

"tickle me" the pioneers /"train to soulsville" count sticky 状態ぼちぼち 5000円

"oh no baby" /"ver." the maytones 状態まあまあきれい 2400円

"white belly rat" lee perry /"judas de white belly rat"(="ver.") lee perry upsetters 状態まあまあきれい 4000円

"the mighty cloud of joy" /"ver." lloyd parks upsetter 状態まあまあきれい 2800円

"police & thief" /"ver." junior murvin wild flower

"bongo natty" /"ver." owen gray attack
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"jamaica ska" /"oil in my lamp" the ska kings 状態まあまあきれい 3500円

"riverbank coberly" /"nancy" top-grant island(uk)

"dear dreams" /"go, go, go" frank cosmo island(uk)

"let's ska" /"only heaven knows" sugar'n'dandy

"bangarang" lester sterling & stranger /"if we should ever meet" stranger cole 状態まあまあ 3000円

"true born african" t-man & the t-bones /"let the music play" the ministers 状態わりときれい 8000円

"shaft" /"ver." chosen few

"silhouettes" /"ver." dennis brown move&groove

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"this old man" /"ver." sugar minott winro

"woman shadow" /"ver." sugar minott winro

"coo deh" /"ver." tinga stewart レア ステッパー 状態わりときれい 15000円

"smile jamaica"(fast) /"ver."(fast) bob marley & the wailers 状態わりときれい 4000円

"road block" /"rebel music" bob marley & the wailers tuff gong

"a dance in a greenwich firm" /"ver." cornell campbell おもて面 状態まあまあ 裏面 状態ぼちぼち 最初のうち傷でプチプチ 2200円

"super champ" charley ace /"love rhythm" youth promotion おもて面 状態まあまあ 裏面 状態ぼちぼち 裏面 長い傷でプツプツ 5000円

"starvation" /"slave" boston and the soulites gemini pre. 状態ぼちぼち 3500円

"all for one" jimmy sinclair /"merry organ" fabulous five

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